To involve the students to boost up their confidence & intellectuality through a well designed and updated education system. Being the primary caregiver of the kids we endeavor to support them to discover a new world around us.


We envision a public education where all the pupils have all the opportunities and resources necessary to achieves in student life as well as practical life.


  • Guardians are not allowed to go to visit the classrooms or with their wards during the school hour.
  • To check the diary of their wards and sign if there is any notice.
  • To maintain the class routine of their wards as per schedule.
  • To maintain the time of contacting school or visiting to principal.
  • Complaint has to be submitted in written to school.


The guardians having a good and cooperative contact with school as well as abiding all the rules & regulations of schools with a supportive mind will be considered to become the Guardian of Year of our school.


The Annual Report of each ward will be provided to the guardians at end of the session after final result declaration following CBSE grading scale.


  • Boys- (Nursery to class-VIII) – Honeydew colour shirt stripped with bottle green colour. Half pants with bottle green colour from Nursery to class-IV during summer and full pants of same colour during winter. Bottle green colour full pants for the students from class-V onwards for the whole year.
  • Girls-
    • Nursery to UKG – Honeydew colour frock with bottle green striped.
    • Std-I and onwards – Honeydew colour shirt stripped with bottle green colour skirt. Grey colour woollen pant during winter. ( Bottle green colour tie with shirt and white socks with bottle green colour border and black muffler during winter and black shoes for all the students.)


  • Parents/guardians of the students who do not avail school transport should report at the school gate only 10 min before the school closes to collect their wards.
  • Parents (or whoever is authorized by the parents) have to produce the Escort Card at the school gate to receive their ward, failing which the student will not be handed over to their parents.
  • If due to certain emergencies, a student has to leave the school campus during school hours by his own transport, the following rules have to be observed:
    • Give a written application.
    • Sign the School Leaving Resister.
    • Take a Permission Slip, which has to be shown at the school gate before leaving the campus.
  • In case, the Escort Card is lost or misplaced, the child can be released on the basis of a written application signed by both the parents and approved by the principal
  • The school provides bus/van for various routes. The suitable route has to be enquired at the time of admission.
  • The timings of arrival at bus stops will be determined available with the transport in- charge.
  • Students are allowed to avail only the allotted bus/ van and bus stop. Any changes should be reported before and permission has to be taken from Principal.
  • Parents have to show I-Card when the child is handed over to them in bus/van.
  • Withdrawal from the bus service has to be notified one month before month in advance failing which the charges for the next month will have to be paid.
  • A student who is commuting by school bus should be at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of the bus/van.
  • No student should go near bus until it comes to a complete halt, stand on the footboard

Or move around in the bus, when it is in motion.

Or not put their hands or heads out of the window or any abusive language in the bus or show any kind of sign to people outside the bus when the bus is in motion or otherwise.

  • The driver’s attention must not be distracted for any reason. The bus in-charge is responsible for maintaining discipline in the bus. Any difficulty or offence that may occur should be reported to the principal/ Administration as soon as possible. Strict action will be taken against anyone violating the bus rules. He/ She might even be debarred from using the bus.
  • Parents are requested to be patient, if a bus arrives late due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • During sports ti


  • SCHOOL TIMMINGS-10:45 AM-3:45 PM (in summer) & 10:45 AM-3:15 PM (in winter)
  • VISITING HOUR- Office hour- 11 AM- 4 PM

Principal Visiting hour: 9:40 AM- 10:30AM

  • Parents are expected to fill up the record for Non Attendance when students join school after an absence; otherwise the concerned student will not be allowed to attend class.
  • A student returning to school after an infectious or contagious disease after must produce a doctor’s fitness certificate to resume classes.
  • It’s compulsory for each student to have 80% attendance in each term to make them eligible for the final examination.
  • If a child is absent continuously for more than three days due to medical reason, his / her leave letter must be accompanied by a medical certificate.
  • A student seeking leave after giving attendance in class will be granted permission, if Principal finds that it needs to be grant.


  • SCHOOL INFIRMARY- In school infirmary the sick or minorly injured students are tended to with care. Any larger medical emergencies are immediately referred to nearly hospital informing to the guardians.


  • POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT AND TEACHERS- The following disciplinary measures may be adopted by the school in dealing with students behaving in an unruly manner.


  • Oral warning and counseling
  • Written warning
  • Counseling along with yoga and meditation
  • Detention during the break or on working Saturdays
  • Suspension (ranging from 7 days to 30 days )
  • Transfer Certificate from the school.

Students indulging in aggressive or very violent behavior will be dropped to and picked up from the school by their parents. They will not be permitted to travel by school bus.